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For over seven decades, the Calgary Petroleum Club has been the business community’s premier club. While our commitment to the business community will never change, how we demonstrate it will.

Honoured legacy. Same commitment to excellence. Bigger and bolder vision.


The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, doesn’t apply here. While there’s nothing broken, we take our role seriously as the business community’s premier club. As Calgary continues to grow as one of the most diverse and vibrant cities for business, the Petroleum Club knows it needs to support that change.


The 2017 revitalization project will support Calgary’s transpiring business community into the future. It will offer a more modern feel, with changes meant to improve the member experience and acknowledge today’s digital world and technological capabilities required to support it. The changes will position the Club with an even higher quality experience for today’s members and future members.


A lot! We will modernize our Club in a way that will honour its rich history while still remaining competitive and in-touch with the direction of business and networking.

Noticeable changes to the general environment of the Club stemming from this vision include:

  • A refreshed look with new furniture and new colours
  • Updated areas to recognize our members’ business and entertainment requirements
  • Updated technological capabilities
  • More effective use of space to allow members to enjoy the Club for different types of activities

Specific areas of the Petroleum Club that will undergo significant modifications include:

  • A more inviting and brighter entrance way
  • A more elegant lobby with an easily accessible reception area
  • A new classy and formal bar in the heart of the Club, featuring expanded seating for the afternoon/evening
  • A new “Sports Bar” to give members a casual gathering space
  • Inclusion of new private meeting rooms throughout the entire Club, complete with state-of-the-art audio visual and IT services


Why is the Club doing this?
Is now the right time?

In 2015, the Club’s Board of Governors, the feedback of members and members-at-large, guided the development of a strategic plan that had a vision to be “the premier business club in Calgary”. There was recognition that in order to achieve this, a critical task would be to enhance the facility.

The changes will position us with an even higher quality experience of today’s members and our future members. With low interest rates and a slowdown in the economy, the time is right to proceed.

How long will the renovation last?

The Petroleum Club began renovating their facility on June 17 and expected to last about four months, with the ‘new and improved’ facility set to open hopefully in October.

Will the Club be accessible during the renovation?

Unfortunately, due to the scope of the renovations members will not be able to access the Club until the project is complete. However, reciprocal privileges to other clubs in the city will be granted. The Bow Valley Club, the Glencoe Club, the Glencoe Golf & Country Club, and the Calgary Winter Club will accommodate the dining and banquet needs of our valued members as the Petroleum Club undergoes this exciting revitalization.

Is there any way to stay updated on the renovation process?

To stay updated, please visit this webpage and our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will always be updated.

Parker: Next Petroleum Club president will enjoy fresh start following renovations

By David Parker, Calgary Herald | Published on: May 11, 2017


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